Eagle’s Nest Eluminatus is a college preparatory program for high school that works alongside homeschool families to meet high school graduation goals. The objective of Eluminatus is to connect outstanding, credentialed, tutors with parents where additional help is desired, in a loving and Christian environment.

Enrollment forms, detailed course descriptions, class schedules and tuition payment can be found at the links below

Students may register for one or more classes, here is a sampling of what you will find detailed in the course description catalog any given year.
English: Freshman English, American Lit. I&II, British Lit.
Math: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Statistics
Science: Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, 4th Science – Physics, Anatomy and Physiology
Social Science: U.S History, World History-Modern Era 
Art , Bible, Spanish 1, 2 & 3, Sign Language 1, 2, Health, Computer Science, Test Prep, Personal Finance, Photography, Music Appreciation and Yearbook Production

Eluminatus Students: The typical student takes 2 to 4 courses with Eluminatus on Thursdays and spends an hour to an hour and a half on each subject daily at home the rest of the week. Student scores are accessible at all times through their online student account. Students will participate in a classroom style setting with an emphasis on lab, lecture, or group activity to demonstrate mastering of the subject.
Students taking more than one class have an opportunity to spend time with other students on campus.

Please note that you should not rely on Eluminatus to obtain your student’s entire core and electives for the year.  Eluminatus is designed to support the parent where you need the most help.

Eluminatus elects a new student board each year. The student board plans occasional spirit days, fundraisers, events and dances.  Some of these may be open to all of Eagles Nest and some may be open to only Eluminatus high school students and/or Bridge middle school students.

Eluminatus students may participate in Eagles Nest’s formal Prom, formal Cap and Gown Graduation Ceremony and other Eagles Nest events.  Check the Senior Page tab for details on these events.

Eluminatus participants must be members of Eagle’s Nest. You may review the Eagle’s Nest Bylaws and Registration Form by clicking on the appropriate link on the ENCHEA Home Page.  You may join at anytime, but everyone renews the annual Eagles Nest membership registration at Round Up in June each year, or by mail any time after thatYou may register for classes before paying your annual Eagles Nest membership, your membership will be confirmed prior to classes starting. 

ENROLLMENT:  EARLY ENROLLMENT IS March 1st to June 30th, $60 per family LATE ENROLLMENT is July 1st to July 15th, $75 per family. NO ENROLLMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER JULY 15!  The course descriptions, tuition and enrollment forms are available online but must be mailed with your non-refundable enrollment fee. Space is limited, classes will close when they fill. 


ORIENTATION and FINANCIAL COMMITMENT IS MANDATORY – There are no exceptions.  Please make arrangements to be at one of our orientations listed below. We want you to be fully informed as you sign your financial commitment. All students and at least one parent are required to attend one of the Orientation meetings and sign the Statement of Cooperation, which is the agreement to abide by the Information, Conduct (student handbook) and Church Policy.


Financial commitment forms are signed at Orientation and include the following details: Tuition by course, Lab or Materials fees, building rental, and if applicable, monthly finance charge. Materials and Lab Fees: due July 15th, non-refundable.  The first tuition payment is due August 1st.  If classes are dropped for low enrollment, your fees are refundable. If you drop classes after July 15th you forfeit Materials and Lab fees.   If you drop classes after August 1st, you must still pay  your first semester tuition.   Once classes begin, you are committed for one semester at a time. You must notify us by no later than November 10th. If you do not notify us by Nov. 10, you will have to pay for the rest of 2nd semester even if you do not attend class.

Parent Service:  All parents are required to serve on Parent Squad, usually 2 or 3 times a year in the morning or afternoon, to support the Directors and keep our students safe.  Parents are responsible for finding subs, when necessary, from the list of parents distributed to registered Eluminatus and Bridge families or face a fine and/or dismissal from the program. Parents are welcome at all times. Parents that are driving from a great distance are welcome to stay for the day. No-show may result in a $50 fine or dismissal of the student from the program.

GRADES: are available to parents online through the tutor’s online gradebook, Thinkwave.  Instructions for using the grade book will be given to the parent.
Coursework at Eluminatus is not a guarantee of an accredited transcript nor affiliation with its CEEB school code as issued by the Georgia Accrediting Commission.  However, all students taking courses at Eluminatus are given a report card that may be given to an accreditation counselor or recorded with an unaccredited transcript. 
Accredited transcript – and diploma may be obtained for an additional fee on an accredited track from our GAC Center Manager. To use this service you must sign up at the beginning of the school year.

For Transcription information contact:    
 Jennifer Switzer – Eluminatus GAC Center Manager and Transcription Service: entranscripts@gmail.com

If you have received EN accreditation services in the past and have a request for student records or a transcript, please complete the Document Request Form and mail or email to Jennifer Switzer at ENtranscripts@gmail.com / 303 Silverbell Lane, Sharpsburg, GA 30277.  For student records prior to 2017, a $5.00 charge payable to Venmo @Jennifer-Switzer-18 or by check is required prior to fulfillment of request.  

Document Request Form *The document request form is only for those with accreditation.  Any other requests, please contact the Eluminatus Director.

Non-Accredited transcript – Homeschool parents may create their own diploma and transcript on an independent, non-accredited track. All standardized testing, NCAA, NAIA, and other collegiate organization documentations are completed as a non-accredited, traditional homeschool student. Please use the homeschool code and not the Eagle’s Nest school code when completing the ACT or SAT.  *Be sure to maintain your own records by printing/saving grades from Thinkwave each year for that purpose.

We look forward to assisting your student with their high school education. We pray this program will bless your family and provide the assistance necessary for a successful school year. Our tutors work very hard to provide your student with an engaging program that will prepare them for the future.

For more information contact:  Melissa Odom



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