Online Registration for Physical Education/Archery Classes for 4th-12th grade

You can now register for archery online!  Please use the link below to complete your registration:

Basic Archery Instruction

PE Credit hours: Physical Education Archery class hours count toward a PE credit for HS aged students. Parents are responsible for maintaining records for PE accreditation.

A K-12 curriculum is used in class to include physical fitness, team building games, etc, along with the National Archery in the Schools curriculum.

Text By Dr. Bruce Whitney: Home School Family Fitness: The Complete Physical Education Curriculum for Grades K-12

Archery Lessons are taught using the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) curriculum.

Archery lessons are presented in a sequence that promotes safety and the learning of sound archery basics. Before learning to shoot a bow, the student will first learn how to maintain archery’s impeccable safety record. The new archer will learn the basics of form as taught by the String Bow and Eleven Steps to Archery Success. The student is guided through a demonstration of how a safe archery range is operated and how to properly shoot an arrow. For more information about NASP, visit:

Materials Provided: Only one bow is used in NASP, the universal-fit Genesis compound, and one type of arrow, the full-length Eastern Genesis aluminum arrow. Sights, release aids, and stabilizers are kept out of NASP. Equipment will be provided by the instructors.

There will be a total of ten hours of beginner class, offered this fall:

Instructors: Rodger and Darla Garrison, Aaron Ostrander, Jim and Kelli Pace; all NASP Certified Basic Archery Instructors.

Location: Crossroads Church Gym on Hwy 154, known as The Hanger.

Class Dates and Times:
Thursdays @ 3:30p on Sept 10th, Sept 17th, Sept 24th, Oct 1st, Oct 8th

Students: Min 8-Max 20 students per class, 4th-12th grade.

Total Class Fee: $135 for all classes. Classes include use of all materials and equipment.

Instructor Fee: None

Requirements: must be a member of EN, and wear closed toe shoes to class.

Email questions to: