Eagle’s Nest Christian Homeschoolers Association is a privately-operated organization and receives no federal, state or government assistance. We accept families regardless of race or national origin. The submission of registration application does not insure admittance. Admittance depends upon the approval of the administration upon review of the registration application. Initial admittance and ongoing matriculation in ENCHEA is tentative and may be withdrawn if, in the judgement of the administration, the student and/or guardians are not in compliance with the policies of ENCHEA as indicated in the Bylaws.

Code of Conduct and Dress Code
Please be on your best behavior at EN events, dances, and field trips.  We want to leave a good impression as Christians and as homeschoolers.  Improprieties such as being offensive drinking any alcoholic beverages (before or during), smoking, cursing, being disrespectful, open and blatant public displays of affection, and any type of substance abuse are not allowed.   You and your guests will be dismissed from the event, your parents will be notified and there will be consequences for any violations; your opportunity to continue to attend EN events or programs depends on the behavior displayed.

The on-duty parents, chaperones,, hall monitors, etc., have the right to determine any other issues.
Please remember we are the light of Christ in the world and we need to act accordingly, think before you do something, when in doubt, don’t!
EN Board

General Dress Code: 
We encourage a modest Christian appearance at all times at EN events and programs including parents.
Children participating in EN Programs must wear their Photo ID Lanyard at all times. No dress code t-shirt will be required this year. All other dress code requirements below still apply.
Individual programs may require a particular dress code or program T-shirt.  Check with the individual Program for requirements.


Please Refer to the Prom Protocol and Prom Dress Code for specific direction for Eagles Nest Prom

Gentlemen – Formal: Tuxedo or suit with tie or bow-tie, dress shirt, dress pants and jacket.
Semi- formal – dress pants, shirt with collar and tie, jacket optional.  No jeans or t-shirts.
Ladies – Formal: Floor length dresses,
Semi Formal: the shortest part of the hem should be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
We want you to have the dress you love, however we also want it to be modest, here are some guidelines:

Deep plunging necklines and cutouts are not allowed.  Strapless dresses, skin colored “illusion” fabrics under lace are allowed as long as the lace is not obviously covering up “parts”. The back  must not be lower than the shoulder blades (bra-line). Please understand that your dress may be altered to accommodate the dress code. If your dress is strapless, please add straps, if the V-in front shows cleavage, the back dips too low, has cut-outs on the sides, or a slit on the hem that comes above the knee, then please plan to add opaque fabric that matches the dress, or stitch fabric closed, so that your gorgeous dress complies with dress code.  We would love to see you wear it!