Yearbook Info

The Eagle’s Nest Yearbook began in 1998 with students creating a handmade yearbook to document the school year. The following year the first Eagle’s Nest hardbound yearbook was designed and edited. Currently, the yearbook team is made up of volunteer parents and students using Entourage’s online yearbook program.

All Eagle’s Nest families are welcome to purchase a yearbook. The yearbook includes staff & volunteers, student portraits, a large senior section, a fun Eluminatus section, an exciting Voyagers section, clubs & teams, fine arts section, EN families, a homeschool life section with lots of fun pages (photos families send in from home & trips), and Alumni.

Photo Day:

Fall: October 13, 2022


Spring: TBD

All Eagle’s Nest families are invited to have their child’s photo taken. There is no cost to have a photo taken. Photo packages will be available for purchase through Photos will be available a few weeks after photo day. Emails will be sent out.

Cathy Tohal – Assistant Yearbook Director –


2022-2023 ENCHEA Yearbook Order Form

2023 Senior Yearbook Info

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2022-2023 Yearbook Photo Upload Links and Instructions